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Why investing in the Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is wide open to foreign investment, and many foreigners have already started a new living in the Caribbean or they spend their holidays here in this paradise.

You can find here the best luxury properties in the Caribbean like Cap Cana, Roko Ki, Casa de Campo, Sea Horse Ranch. Also new markets are open to develop like ecological resorts or natural energy - come here and do it!

Current economic, social, political and environmental trends point to the continued success of the Dominican Republic as a popular destination for tourists and retires and of course also for well-known people like Donald Trump, Julio Iglesias, Juan Luis Guerra, Shakira, Oscar de la Renta and more. Also the accessibility that is offered by the nine mayor international airports, as well as cruise ship terminals makes it a popular destination.

The countries history with the US involvement has lead to a stable political environment, and the government and legal system is very similar to the US. The country is rather self-sufficient in terms of the good and services it produces, with a strong agricultural base, which allows for a reduced need for food imports. The Dominican Republic is one of the mayor options of Vacation homes for retired people of American and European nationalities, due to the high costs of live that they are presented with in places like Florida. The safety of Terrorists and natural disasters as hurricanes is another big plus.

Over the years the Dominican Republic has seen an increased growth of both economy and infrastructure, required by most foreigners to guarantee a certain quality of live, more security and to make them more confident to realize there investment. In fact, the risk of buying Real Estate in the Dominican Republic has become quiet small, when using the combination of a competent Realtor, good surveyors and a professional English speaking lawyer to avoid misunderstandings..

We want to help you to make your investment to be a success.


Eliminate Fear of Buying
Real-Estate in a Foreign Country
Title Insurance should help to eliminate the fear of buying real estate in a foreign country, as it minimizes risk of title fraud.
For European very uncommon but for American and Canadian buyers it is very common to work with Title Insurance on most Real Estate transactions.
For a one time fee, the Title Insurance will cover all the obligations of making sure your titles are clear, and that at the end you are really going to own the property you want to buy. In the event of a lawsuit disputing the title, the title insurance company will defend the buyer in court and if the lawsuit is lost, it will pay or cure all valid claims or losses up to the amount of the Policy.
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Purchase Process, Quick Description - How to Purchase Real Estate in the Dominican Republic: There are no restrictions for foreigners on purchasing Real Estate in the Dominican Republic . The right to own private Property is guaranteed and recognized by the Government. In the Dominican Republic every Individual or Corporation, whether national or foreign, is allowed to make Real Estate transactions. There are traditionally two ways to do it, as and individual or through a business entity.
Generally a 10% down payment is transferred to the notary's or Lawyers trust ?escrow? account, until all the paperwork has been checked for debts, unpaid taxes, and the Certificate of Authentication has been delivered, this may take between 2 week to a couple of months, depending on the complexity of the transaction.
As soon all paperwork is done and signed by both parts, the funds on the trust account are being transferred to the seller, in order to complete the transaction and transfer the title to the Buyers name or Company.
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ACREARE - Grupo Inmobiliario, La Vega, República Dominicana